Pure Collagen NATURAL + VITAMIN C Sachets Box 12 x 10g Collagen Sachets

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Our best-selling Pure Collagen now available in convenient single-serve 10g sachets perfect for the gym bag, work bag, handbag, pocket, or suitcase! Box contains 12 x 10g Sachets.

Pure Collagen Sachet Boxes come in 4 great varieties: Pure Collagen Natural, Natural + Vitamin C, Lemon & Lime, and Valencia Orange. This box contains 12 x 10g Pure Collagen NATURAL + VITAMIN C Sachets.

Typical nutritional profile in product photos, for specific nutritionals for each individual flavour please view the individual product pages under "Pure Collagen" in the online shop.

SKU: 10002 TAGS: Gluten Free, keto, dairy-free, collagen, low-carb

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